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Minimum Wages Fixation Committee of the Working Journalists Act, 2051 (first revision, 2064) and Regulat ions 2053 (First Amendment 2065) to the law in accordance with the working journalists, employees and workers wages, parisramikama review, text layer classification, including the operation and communication academy monitoring for the formation Well the organization is working. As a legal permanent nature of th is committee for the appointment of the Government of Nepal in Katmandu year waiver is. Communicatio ns Committee chairman specific contributions and communications and Ministry of Labor, President of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists,communications management firm, working journalists, employee (wor ker representatives and the meaning of culture and labor expert members and members of the Press Secre tary is rajistuara.

Working Journalist Act 2064 in August 2051 after the first revision in August 2064, the government formed ommittee headed by Suresh journalists organized and sansthagatadhangale some work done beginning. J alists working in the same committee, the first communication establishment, employees and workers to fi minimum wage and the layer classification and monitoring of the legislature pursued. The tenure of Work Journalist Act 2064 in August 2051 after the first revision in

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